It’s not that I miss you; it’s the memories—or rather this surreal
idea I’ve created in my head about you. Because I can’t even properly remember how you were like, I glorified your being and meaning to me. The things in my head about what I think we had, what we could have had, are all my selfish whims of wanting to relive our past and be with you again.


On the morning of May 15, Sina.com reported that “EXO-M’s leader Kris has filed for a termination of his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.” The article stated that the news had not yet been confirmed, and then listed a few reasons on why Kris might be filing for a nullification of his…

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"No, no no no no!" 

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luhan got offended (x)

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Exo's showtime

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I want to be a manly man,” says Taemin whilst wearing a wig, dress and heels, and holding the hands of two older men.


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